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OwnGuard Solutions believes we are all responsible for our own personal safety and preparedness. We understand that in an uncertain world, staying safe and better prepared is not just an option, but a necessity. This premise is the cornerstone of everything we do. At OwnGuard Solutions, we advocate for a proactive approach to personal safety and preparedness. Our hope is to inspire you and your family to take a more proactive role in your safety and preparedness; and we want to support you in that effort.

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Our Story

OwnGuard Solutions was founded by Jim O’Brien and Denis Haynes, who have been friends for nearly 25 years. They originally met riding motorcycles but quickly realized that they both had interests in firearms, personal safety, and preparedness. OwnGuard Solutions is a manifestation of their belief that being safer and more prepared is better. They are driven to see you, your family and your friends be safer and better prepared so you are not completely reliant on others when things go sideways.

Jim (left) and Denis (right)
Woman paying attention to her surroundings

Central to OwnGuard Solutions is the belief that everyone should take an active role in, and is responsible for, safeguarding themselves and their loved ones. Our distinctive green elephant emblem symbolizes safety, strength, and protection. It also represents our unwavering commitment to help you in your journey towards enhanced safety and preparedness. While we acknowledge that changing behavior is a personal endeavor, we strive to inspire thoughtful consideration and want to support you every step of the way.

At OwnGuard Solutions, we are driven by the desire to see you, your family, and your friends become safer and better prepared. We understand the importance of not relying solely on others or systems that can fail. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to take an active role in your OWN safety and preparedness, as well as your family’s.

Trauma kit opened with contents spread around it to view
CZ P10C pistol with strong, 2-handed grip

OwnGuard Solutions provides guidance and gear to help you be safer and better prepared for unexpected situations. Whether you’re looking for informative articles, insightful reviews, engaging podcasts, or reliable products and services, OwnGuard Solutions has you covered.

See our informative blog posts, and a thought-provoking podcast, aimed to equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions about your safety and preparedness strategies.

Coming soon:

  • Services and Products – We are constantly expanding our offerings to better serve our community. Stay tuned for exciting new services and products designed to enable and enhance your safety and preparedness efforts.
  • In-depth Reviews – Over the years we have used various products and firearms that we feel an in-depth review will allow you to make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join our community and stay updated on the latest news, tips, and product releases.

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We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to grow and evolve. Content is going to be added as time goes on. We are certain that together with you we can create a safer and better prepared future for ourselves and our communities.

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