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The Self-Initiative Project is Now OwnGuard Solutions

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You read that right! The Self-Initiative Project is now OwnGuard Solutions. Fear not. Our content is coming along with us; and it is time to grow it all in order to have an even greater impact!

Sometime late in 2017 is when I first proclaimed to Denis Haynes, “my brother from another mother,” that I wanted to start a podcast. Up until that point, I had never considered it; but I told Denis I wanted to share all the things I had rattling around in my noggin at the time, relative to personal safety and preparedness. I remember I said that if I could help just one person, then I will have done my job and made a positive impact. And all these years later, I hope someone maybe has been able to employ something they have learned from The Self-Initiative Project or at least thought about something they may not have previously. The plan now is to have OwnGuard Solutions pick up and carry on; so we can can help even more people and their families.

As you might have noticed, our momentum had slowed down a bit at The Self-Initiative Project over the last year or so; and plus, we never really took the concept full bore like we intended, if I am being honest.

Couple that with the fact that the social media platforms do not seem to like some of our recurring content; and apparently have ‘shadow banded’ us at points preventing us from getting better reach. It is no real wonder why we just were not getting the right exposure we wanted or really needed. We would like to see this all go further; and we believe this next phase, with OwnGuard Solutions, will help get us get there.

Denis and I decided to join forces to form OwnGuard Solutions. You might remember Denis, as he did our very first The Self-Initiative Project Podcast on gun safety with me; as well as another 1 or 2 along the way. The personal safety space is something we both take very seriously and are passionate about.

Much like The Self-Initiative Project, OwnGuard Solutions believes we are all responsible for our OWN personal safety and preparedness; and that being safer and better prepared is always better.

The Self-Initiative Project’s Instagram page will remain though likely with less regular activity. There are some good posts there with great tips and info in the mix that we do not want to lose. Plus, we can always use it as a back-up account if we had to. Of course, OwnGuard Solutions has their own page on Instagram now that we will be building out over time just like before, as well as other social media outlets (see the links in our website’s footer).

The Self-Initiative Project Podcast will certainly remain available, and rightfully so after 5 years and 60 episodes, just with its branding transitioned over to that of OwnGuard Solutions. This is being done to help reduce confusion and to help with building the new brand; and our podcast host provider will also remain for the foreseeable future. We think this makes most sense, at least for now.

While there is a lot of solid content tied to the old account that we do not want to lose, it makes most sense to port the podcast over in order to continue to make it available as well as to begin adding new episodes into the mix, which we know you are going to enjoy. The podcast is also now available directly through our website here, making it even easier to access. And please forgive me in advance for not updating the intro for those 60 episodes, at least not in the near term. It will just be a way for us all to remember The Self-Initiative Project Podcast. Do not worry though, as OwnGuard Solutions will be putting out plenty of new content as well.

Any and all other links leading to The Self-Initiative Project and its related sites will be pointed to OwnGuard Solutions moving forward.

We want to thank all of you, our followers, listeners, podcast guests, supporters, for your loyalty over the last 6+ years; and we look forward to you joining us here at OwnGuard Solutions.

Be sure to visit our About page to learn more about OwnGuard Solutions. And while you are at it, stay up-to-date with what we are doing and the offerings we will have by signing up for our newsletter and more.

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